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William Hoshal: Press

Sounding like a cross between Pat Metheny and Andy Vasquez, William
Hoshal's 'A Rumor in the Sun' is one terrific album! The Pacific Northwest
native combines elements of jazz, contemporary classical and Native
American flute into a magical, musical gumbo. The result is simply
irresistible! Playing Native flutes, saxophone and guitar, Hoshal's
compositions run the gamut from sleek jazzy ensemble 'jams' to sultry solo flute pieces.
A talented guy, Hoshal plays no fewer than seven instruments
on the CD (not including the samples and sound design) - unbelievable! The
songwriting is top-notch, the accompaniment is where it should be (in the
background), and Hoshal's playing is some of the best I've heard this year.
With an assist from David Grantham (guitar) on, "Quiet Plateau", this
'one-man band' has managed to produce one of the finer flute CD's of 2007.
The entire album is 'listener-friendly', but if I had to choose, I'd have
to go with the opening cut,"One Sky", the title cut and a little piece
entitled, "Into the Narrows".
A dazzling debut from a talented composer, arranger and performer,
William Hoshal's, "A Rumor of the Sun" is 'shinning'!
Gene M. Bates - Whispering Wind Magazine (Nov 27, 2007)